How we work with smaller projects / minor changes made on request by clients

  1. AskMorris looks at clients requirements and estimates the work time
  2. Quote is sent to client that includes SOW (Scope of Work) &  deliverable dates. (Milestones)
  3. Clients accepts quote, signs it and sends back to AskMorris.
  4. Signing the quotation turns it into a purchase Order (PO) and that is when AskMorris puts the project into the production schedule.
  5. AskMorris will issue an Invoice/GUI (Fa-Piao in Taiwan)
  6. Client pays upfront for the work
  7. AskMorris will let client know when (via email) work is complete so client can check changes online and tell if minor corrections are needed. Minor projects usually take 3-5 work days to complete. If more time is needed, AskMorris will notify client and explain why.
  8. Time is counted from the day AskMorris receives the signed quotation/PO
  9. Once work has been done to clients satisfaction, client signs off.
    • NOTE: All prices are tax exclusive. Client is expected to cover bank transfer fees.