Here is a brief explanation about how the Project timeline and milestones work.

The Project timeline shows what clients are getting and when they are  getting it. Clients only pay for what they have received.

The start date in this example is May 26th.

The target date in this example is the June 23rd but it can vary depending on how much time it takes to reach a point where Clients are satisfied (the time it takes to go back and forth between Clients and AskMorris).

In this example, once the milestone is reached (june 23rd), the 2nd payment (40%) will be due and Clients receive everything that is in the red boxes. In plain English it means that at this point Client will have a fully functional web site with design but with no content.

AskMorris only expects payment once the milestone is reached. And that is not necessarily the date June 23rd that has been marked out in the project time line image. (It could be later or it could be earlier. It is the milestone that matters)

Project timelines are created and delivered to Client once the signed agreement is in place and before the project begins.

See image below of a real project timeline (from a real case) with deliverables and milestones (gantt chart)

Gantt chart example from AskMorris

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