Bundling tasks for minor projects

How bundling changes & feature requests can save on cost

When doing software development it is often a better idea to 'roll in' tasks into a project as a group and work on them all at the same time. This is done to save on cost, resources but also to save time and minimize bugs.

If a 'piece meal' approach is taken where one develops one task at a time, with weeks in between, then traditionally, bugs and inefficiencies creep in as developers may not be as clear on the piece of code being worked on. This is due to that there has been some time since developers worked on that part of the software/project.

Documentation and bug tracking tools helps greatly in these situations but it is still not the best method of attacking a project.

This is the main reason AskMorris usually bundles all related tasks into one project when requests come in and refrains from working on one task at a time, with weeks in-between. It is logistically, a bit of a nightmare, and is not cost effective, neither to the client nor to AskMorris Inc.

Naturally when clients pay premium including rush fees (additional 30%) then, the above is void and AskMorris will attack any feature the client requests immediately. But this is never recommended, as the total cost can go up quite a bit.