Can I ask you a question?

Of course you can!

We have also saved conversations with customers that we happily share in this Q&A area. It contains things, answered through the years, about web development, our services and/or useful internet marketing information that can hopefully give a better insight into how things work 'behind the scenes'. 

fpo - asking a question - I feel like a question has just been asked!

See the 8 most common questions we receive, almost daily;

1. What are your fees like? Can I afford you? 

The more important question to ask is; "Will I make more money by hiring AskMorris?" We have consistently shown that our solutions made / saved money for our customers. 

We work hard pinpointing what needs to be done to maximize benefits to your organization. The main factor affecting cost is time. Find out more by contacting us.

2. Where are you?  

We are online but our physical bodies are in Taipei. See our address in the footer

3. Who have you worked with?

Here are some of our customers: - The Salvation Army, GlaxoSmithKline, TSMC, The Nielsen Company, The European Economic and Trade Organization, Jasons Supermarket (The Dairy Farm Group), The European Chambers (ECCT), CML/Caterpillar and various Embassies. This is what they say about AskMorris

4. Do you only work for large Multi-National Companies?

No, due to our price structure being very straight forward and being mostly based on time we can take on small projects as well as big ones. Clients pay for the time we spend doing work. (More time = more cost.)

In fact, we have worked with many small medium sized businesses as customers as well. And now, we also offer Easy-Web, which is an excellent solution for smaller businesses!

5. What can you do for my company?

We will work with you to pinpoint exactly what needs to be done so that your organization can thrive. Within our core competencies, we strive hard to make your web platform investment the success story it deserves to be. 

We are masters at Business Automation and how to use online tools to give your organization a competitive edge. See Our Services

6. Do you have a branch office in another country?

No we currently are based in Taiwan but we serve companies GLOBALLY.

7. Are you able to provide service outside of Taiwan?

Yes. We have run projects for companies based in the USA, Australia, HK, China, Singapore, Germany and South Africa.

8. Why is your name AskMorris?

Because the guy that started it all is Francis J. Morris (the main hamster in the organization) - People were always asking him lots of you have it........his name is Morris.....get it?...........get it?

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