AskMorris celebrates 10 years!

In late 2003 Askmorris was registered and incorporated in Taiwan. In early 2004 it was operating with a small office and crew in Nei-Hu, Taipei.

Askmorris was quickly contracted by small and big companies for various projects. We also worked with Global Multi-Nationals like GSK, Caterpillar, Nielsen, TSMC, The Dairy Group, Embassies, Chambers of Commerce, Trade Offices as well as The Salvation Army.

However, through the years, we found ourselves turn down many smaller projects from clients that really sought our expertise but just didn't have the budget.

To celebrate the last decade and to help the smaller businesses we now offer the Easy-Web package at NT$88,888 (that is a 40% mark down)

Due to its popularity, this offer has been EXTENDED through this year.

Let's make sure this is for you

Take the time to answer a few questions below. There are no ‘perfect’ answers. Just answer what feels right for you.

I want to manage my own web site

(I don't want to make a call / email someone whenever a change is needed)

Yes No

My budget is at least NT$88,888 (around USD3,000)

Yes No

I care that the design of my web site is customized to my needs.

(It can’t just look like any other site...)

Yes No

Based on your answers it seems you may need a more customized solution.

To develop such a solution AskMorris charges a base fee for setting up the platform and then a flat hourly rate for the required customization engineering time

Due to the nature of the web and the incredible amount of various business needs that exists, there just isn't a 'one-size-fits-all' solution that can be plugged in and used for everybody.

All too quickly, do many users rush to get a packaged solution, just to find out later that it doesn’t work for them.

Think through your needs and choose an option below

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Easy-Web Package

Have your own company website under your own control

Work Habits 

..are hard to change. With Easy-Web, you don't have to. Many functions work the same way you are used to, when working on your own computer!

Right click on any web page (resource) to create, edit, publish and even duplicate a complete page to work qucikly and efficiently.

The Easy-Web interface is elegant and stunningly simple.

Duplicate Documents

Login your very own backend manager.

Includes necessary extra functions like, 'Retrieveing lost passwords'.  You can also manage permissions to allow different departments to edit different areas of the web site. 

You can even use 'View the recent manager activity'' functionality, to see what web pages staff has been working on lately .


Document Tree

This is the HEART of the Magic that happens behind the scenes.

"Part of what makes web sites so darn hard to maintain is all these web pages that need updating..."

Thanks to the Document Tree, you can easily access everything, see image previews, use simple Drag-and-Drop functionality to put everything wherever you want.

Document Tree

Duplicate Documents

If you are in an organization where your job is to constantly maintain lots of product pages, articles or information that is repetitive, you are going to absolutely LOVE Easy-Web

Just right-click on any page to instantly DUPLICATE the content, (including images), so all that is left for you to do is, to make minor modifications and then publish.

Add to that the incredibly powerful search, and you'll never get lost looking for a page you need to edit quickly!

Duplicate Documents


Easy-Web allows you to manage your content on your web site without much effort. All you need is a web browser to make changes. 

The interface includes a WYSIWIG that gives you a more word-editor-like experience when inputting content

The Easy-Web interface is stunningly simple and hides all the unnecessary complexities of managing content on a web site


A Package Deal!

Easy-Web is an awesome way to control your own web site and it is an excellent base platform package to grow from.

However, it is important you carefully examine your business needs to see if this package can meet them as all businesses a different. If you have more customized needs we are sure we can meet them using our expertise & experience.

We don't want money as much as we want fans!!

If you have specific needs, don't hesitate to give us a shout here!

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Simple & Quick

With over 10 years experience building for the web we know we have put together the right package for most smaller businesses

We pride ourselves on having a 4 week turn around time on any Easy-Web project and keeping it simple is always our main goal.

See the feature list below and compare with your current business needs. Why should building a web site have to be complicated?

Simple and quick!

Easy-Web Features

  • Add, delete, edit all your content. Uploading images, re-sizing and moving images around on your web pages

    Modify Feature
  • Subscription form and database to collect email addresses of users that are Interested in subscribing to your newsletter

    Subscribe Feature
  • Easily move web pages around and easily duplicate web pages without having to copy and paste the content again.

    Move Feature
  • Friendly URL’s making it easier for search engines to find your content, products and your web site, bringing more customers to you

    URL Feature
  • Contact form so that your customers can contact you. Messages from your customers will automatically be emailed to you.

    Contact Feature
  • 10 hours of design customization so that your site reflects your business identity. (Includes two mockups / two reviews)

    Design Feature
  • File manager to upload files other than images e.g. product spec sheets for your clients to download. (PDF, doc, xls, ppt and most other file formats will work just fine)

    Upload Feature
  • Built in search so your customers can quickly find the information they are looking for on your web site

    Search Feature
  • Bi-lingual out of the box. (English & Chinese) Expandable to over 20 languages making your site truly multi-lingual

    Language Feature

Still not convinced?

Let's see how Easy-Web holds up, against the competition.

Click any option below, to see what each web platform comes with 'Out of the box'

Simultaneous Quick editing of MULTIPLE web pages
Drag-and-Drop to re-order web pages
Multiple-file upload manager
Automatic Thumbnail Creation
Content manager with an awesome WYSIWIG
Automatic menu-link creation
Keeps you company on lonely weekends
Drag-and-Drop to easily move web pages
Helpful tips everywhere! (tool tips)
Customized design
View recent manager activity (Track Editing Work)
Easily duplicate pages
Easily sort & move multiple web pages (doc manager)
Friendly URL’s
Web pages completely search engine friendly
Bi-lingual (English/Chinese)
Newsletter Subscription form
Convenient Quick Image Preview
Built-in Search Box
Respects your grand-parents
Compatible with all Modern Web, iPad & iPhone browsers
Makes you look like a pimp
90 day warranty
Library of Video Tutorials provided FREE of charge
Incredibly Scalable Platform
Has a backend manager
Has an insanely great backend manager!
Lots of pre-made design themes
NO pre-made themes. Everything is completely customized
100% compliant with the web standards laid down by W3C

DISCLAIMER We want to make it clear that "AskMorris does NOT ‘dis’ any of the various competing systems out there."
Many are absolutely wonderful and work just splendidly. We’d like to think that "there is a system for every users need."

You need to carefully examine what is the better option for you and for your wallet. And how much you value your time, that will still be required on setup and configuration of the various 'Open Source' systems. Nothing works straight 'Out of the box'