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AskMorris’ Cutting-Edge Hosting Capabilities (All-New SolidFire SSD)

QWhat is different with AskMorris hosting compared to other hosting providers?

Below Press Release from early 2014 can probably answer that;

Not just SSD. Not just a better SSD. A whole new kind of SSD.

Dear Customer,

Earlier this year, AskMorris' Colocation center, released an entirely new line of VPS products featuring SSD cloud storage, powered by SolidFire®. These virtual private servers aren’t just incredibly fast — they also offer an industry first: 100% availability guarantee on all resources, including the elusive disk input/output operations per second, or IOPS.

What this means is guaranteed protection from unexpected slow-downs resulting from "noisy neighbors" using more than their fair share of disk input/output operations on your VPS host machine. In addition, this new SolidFire SSD technology offers:

  • Super-fast SSD data transfer speed
  • High data redundancy and incredibly quick restorations
  • True cloud scalability with near-instantaneous migrations between service tiers

Bottom line? This new SolidFire SSD VPS system is revolutionary, and we are the only small business-focused VPS hosting service provider that's got it.

Because of this product's precedent-shattering performance and reliability, we expect initial demand to be extremely heavy, and product availability may be limited. That said, AskMorris current customers, will be offered an exclusive inside track to avoid the hassle:

  • A spot "at the front of the line" for this offering — no waiting
  • Free migration into your new SolidFire SSD package
  • An introductory upgrade price to move up to the SolidFire SSD version of your current hosting package

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As always, thanks for your business, and we look forward to seeing you on the SolidFire SSD platform soon!