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Client sending another ‘interesting’ website to check out...

QHey guys what do you think of this practice to attract leads?

Joe Doe wrote: The instant you land on this site you get a pop up that offers you something to fact, several somethings...

Askmorris: This is pretty common practice, but let me tell you how a lot of people feel about it:

① The guy selling the stuff thinks it’s a great idea because it gets people looking at what they have to offer right away. The guy visiting the site thinks it’s similar to when the sales person spots you from across the store and comes over to attend you as you enter the front door.

② Notice I didn’t say it was annoying because it doesn’t have to be — but it needs to be handled very carefully.

③ As a visitor and potential customer, if I don’t already know about your stuff, and the first thing I see is a way to buy your stuff but no access to the information about your stuff until I’ve closed the Black Curtain of Sell, I’m probably going to close the black curtain and be annoyed.

④ If you provide quick access to the type of information I might be interested in related to both the products on sale and the site in general in that little window, I might be much more inclined to interact with it.