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A typical start of a new project

Q  As a client, what can I to do to help?

Below is a glimpse from a typical start of a project with a client that answers this well;

I was happy to learn that we have now paid for the first chunk of work on the EM website. And, as I am now back in Taipei and working out my schedule until I leave for a 2-week vacation on August 18th, I am wondering:

1. What will you need from me in this period and when (such as: meetings,  content, etc.)? This is a great time to receive a "To Do" list from my web partners as I have little else to do in this period.

2. When do you estimate this first chunk should be completed and we should move to the next piece? I know you sent me a rough schedule---is that still the expected time-frame?

Best, client 
Dear Client,
  1. We have received first payment. Kind thanks
  2. We are currently setting up this project and entering it into our project scheduling system
  3. There will be an internal developers meeting on Wed where we map out further what needs to be done. This is where we figure out:
    • ✓ what needs to be done
    • ✓ who is doing it
    • ✓ when is it going to get done
    • ✓ what do we need to get it done
  4. After that meeting you will receive a 'this is what we need from you' list
  5. Currently, all we need is the access codes to your registrar (where you bought your domain)
  6. Sit back and relax and enjoy the fact that you are not busy for a change ;-D
"schedule---is that still the expected time-frame?"
Yes It is. If something changes we'll immediately let you know.