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Using Promotional Videos for my company

Q   What should one think of when making a Promo Video? 

Please take a look at this video:
This is the direction I want to go in the long term for a video for my company.
FEEDBACK on the video 
  • ✓ Yes, I agree this is the way to go. That is why the new AskMorris site will have several promotional videos
  • ✓ I find the Tony Robbins video too long (17min) (but that's just me)
  • ✓ I'd keep it short e.g. ( I actually liked theirs better
  • ✓ At the end of the day each video serves a different purpose and one has to take that into account when creating it
  • ✓ Yes, we can create promotional videos like these in AskMorris
  • ✓ This is (roughly) what you need to think about when creating a video (on your own or with a vendor like AskMorris)
    • • Determine what 'the function', the essence of the message is
    • • Determine who your audience is for the video
    • • Mindmap out the video
    • Storyboard it out
    • • Meet up with vendor
    • • Transfer your idea and make sure you are all on the same page
    • • Release the crackling'.....
See one of our promotional videos on our homepage
Hope this was helpful.
Wow....LOVE that video. Way to go. I'll start saving up for mine now.... :)
Really cool way to introduce a company or product. Very helpful indeed. 
Thank you for your kind words and the positive feedback.
Your suspicion that using videos to introduce and 'package' your company and products/services is, (in today's market) the way to go.