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A conversation about finding the right web solution and using WIX, Part I

Q   Should I use template based builders like WIX for my web site? 


This new business line that my company is working on will provide a platform to sell products and the selling method is through group buyers in corporate companies.

Unlike the most group buyer companies, we look for quality products and we care what the farmers/manufacturers do to the food which will end up in the hands of customers.

At the moment we are still building up product lines so here are the key points for the website:

1. We will educate customers of who we are

2. Product page – we want to spend time telling customers where each product comes from and how much love and care have been given to it before it's shipped to customers. Therefore we will need a good space to introduce each product with text, photos and even a video. As we have a new product we need to be able to add one more page/space for it.

3. This website will not need shopping cart. We may need it once this business grow a lot bigger and individual customers will shop online by themselves.

My company was looking at using a template from WIX as we are not yet ready to spend 100k or more to build a website but we realize that it doesn't give much freedom editing. We couldn't find a template that can let us have a good space to add photos and video.

My questions to you is if you know any website that can provide a better template or if you have any suggestion and recommendation?

Another subject is that my company has been under the process of building a company website since July. They hired a company to build up the website but this company had been messing around for two months and the current stage is that we have asked them to refund the money.

So we are also looking for professional website builder which I think your company can do it.



Below is my advice for a path forward;

Yes, template based platforms like Wix are a wonderful way for users to quickly get a simple web site up at a low monthly cost. Unfortunately they come with the editing limitation you mention

In all my years in the web business I've seen so many systems come and go and what they all have in common is exactly what you discovered

There is no way around it. If the user does not have fundamental html and CSS skills, a definite wall will be hit sooner or later that will prevent the user to accomplish his/her business goal

Wix, Webly and all other spin-offs come from the original site that made this concept viable - squarespace

They are all wonderful and cost- effective tools for small businesses to create a site. I'm not convinced it will work for a larger organization like yours and to address the stated business goals you have, but if you still wish to proceed in this direction, I'd say, go with squarespace that has most flexibility and most experience.

Easy-Web is AskMorris way to offer a middle ground between a completely template based cookie-cutting solution to something that is actually useful for marketing departments of any company and puts the control of content in their hands.

Regarding, the main company web site. What is the budget and timeline you currently have for that? 
I ask this to save us both time. 

AskMorris is in the business of achieving clients stated business goals and that means we spend time to understand the fundamental issues before we even recommend a solution.

Usually what happens is a company decides they need AskMorris and proceeds to buy a non-refundable 30 hours to be used for planning, meetings and prototyping. With our current rate that's NT$108,000 (around USD3,500). I'm not trying to sell you anything because if I did, I'm doing a horrible job, possibly giving you a sticker shock form the get go.

Rather, I do it to give you an idea of what it really costs to get a good and experienced company involved. Sadly in Taiwan, it seems, many vendors are years behind, in terms of professionalism and technical knowledge domain.

We probably get 2-3 emails a month from a friend in Taiwan that is in a similar situation. But truth to be told, your organization probably made their vendor decision based on lowest price possible so sadly, lots of these problems in the Taiwan web scene are caused by the customers as well. This is why most our clients are abroad and not in Taiwan.

Creating anything successful on the web must be a collaborative effort by a great vendor and a great client, working together as partners that are fiercely committed to the same goal.

It takes time as well as cost more, but definitely worth it if a business is serious about achieving its business goals.

AskMorris guarantees that the ROI we provide is higher than anyone we've met, so far in Taiwan.
The reason we can guarantee it, is because, together we work with clients on establishing what the actual business goal is and give that a value. That value/cost will always be much much higher than the actual cost spent on AskMorris. Win-win!

We can still have a conversation about your main website but wanted to first hear from you about budgets.

Hope this helps,

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