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A conversation about finding the right web solution and using WIX, Part II

Q   What is more important? - the Web Technology we use or implementing a Web Strategy? 

Hi there again,

As I mentioned earlier, at the moment we sell products through group buyers in corporate companies hence shopping cart isn't needed until later when we start selling directly to individual customers.

So here are few questions for you please:

  • ① If we use AskMorris Easy-Web to build a website that suits our current needs, can we also modify it later when we wish to add shopping cart?
  • ② What I was told is that we need to incorporate the future need in at early stage as "once the house is build, you can't extend it".
  • ③ Do you have an example of Easy-Web online that I can take a look please?

BTW: What does it mean "Respects your grand-parents" is one benefit that Easy-Web comes with "out of the box"?

Concerning our company website, it's already online, take a look;
(link-to-clients-web-site-removed-for-privacy-reasons) but there is still 65% work to be done. We want to keep the budget under $100,000, (USD3,000) to complete the website and I think the lead time is ASAP.




Dear friend,


Yes, Easy-Web uses the same development framework (base) that we use to build any solution, big or small, so it is completely expandable down the road.

Basically any web platform we have made, uses the same base as Easy-Web. Most sites in our testimonials, as well as our very own web site does.

Although they can look completely different on the surface, under the hood they are the same. e.g.; 


I believe it will address your companies overall web strategy no matter what web site or department.
The issue your organization seem to have is not really what web technology to use but rather;

  • ⇰ What is the overall web strategy and what are the clearly defined business goals, we are trying to achieve?
  • ⇰ Who do we have in the organization that will put his/her full attention and focus on achieving these goals?, be it using a web site for the marketing department or what you are trying to achieve yourself?


Developing any professional business web site should never be a part time job, it isn’t something that one does ‘on the side’. Rather it is a person that is dedicated to it full time.That person does not have to be a web developer, that is not what I am talking about. 

This is a person that will take the time to learn what he/she needs to know about web development to be able to communicate with vendors, vet the vendors, know a good vendor when he/she sees it, and guide vendors to achieving the goals set by the company. If this person is a web developer, great! But often it is better if this person is more business savvy and has a good shoulder on their heads.


So what is my advise?
Assign an internal person that should develop the two sites you have mentioned so far, as part of a clearly defined web strategy, that reflects the business goals and drives them forward. Once you have that plan in hand, then shop for vendors, decide on budgets and what solution is the most cost effective one to use.

  • Who knows?, maybe we’ll find that WIX is still the way to go. 

I’m not convinced, AskMorris is necessarily, the company you need, right now. And as much as we welcome your business, I’d rather make sure your organization is clear on what it really requires first. IMHO, There is still work to be done before approaching an outside vendor.

In regards, to trying to get your money back from vendor. It is a sticky point, and everybody handles that differently but it helps to have clear defined contracts/expectations in place ahead of time. Sadly, you may have to cut your losses and eat the NT$100,000, (USD3,000) as ‘learning expense’ and be wiser next time.


IMHO, a simple clear company information web site as the one you sent me a link to, 

can definitely be done for NT$50-60,000, (USD2,000) in Taiwan, provided the expectations are clearly communicated to vendor and the vendor uses any template based solution that they have lots of experience with. That said, any deviation from that formula will dramatically increase the cost of development. Such as;

  • ✓ vendor has never used this template and/or solution before
  • ✓ client doesn’t communicate needs well
  • ✓ vendor is not a professional in his/her field
  • ✓ client changes his/her mind all the time
  • ✓ feature creep (new functionally, not previously agreed on is added)
  • ✓ client expects a lot more bang for his buck (Hey, it’s USD1,500...)

Regarding your question: "What does it mean 'Respects your grand-parents' is one benefit that Easy-Web comes with 'out of the box'?"

This feature is a playful joke, and so is the feature 'Makes you look like pimp'. It's our way to lighten the mood

Thank you for have taken the time to read Easy-Web feature list :-)
Again, I hope this was helpful in some way to you.

Warm Wishes,




I really appreciate the time and effort you spent writing the email.
Your points are clear and I will think about it and discuss with team members.


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