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Helpful information about image uploading

QHow can we improve sloooow image uploading?

Jane Doe : It’s getting frustrating the image uploading is PAINFULLY slow... regardless of 2.1 MB or 172…

How we communicate with a new client to make sure we reach the same understanding

QHow would a typical sales conversation look like between AskMorris and a new client?

Normally we would like to check with clients in detail, about the method or marketing tools we will work on even though…

Providing a Dropbox solution instead of using the website

QDoes our website allow clients to create a private page?

If I want to upload a video file that only my client can see, by entering a password of some sort.


How does AskMorris code?

QDoes Askmorris think of the future when coding? 

Below conversation between Askmorris and a client answers this really well;

How to build a good relationship with Clients

QWhat can be done do to improve the Client-Vendor Relationship? 

In AskMorris, we have over 10 years experience to share. That…

Why AskMorris doesn't work for free

QWhy can't AskMorris just work for free?

As much as we would want to, the concept of working for FREE or giving things away things for FREE is really not working out very well…

Fun things related to Web Development and Technology

QWhat are some fun things you have learnt working in this industry?

Working in this industry for over 10 years, the number one take-away, is probably that few people truly appreciate…

Great DNS Tools

QCan you recommend some good DNS tools?

A lookup  on Google will revela many tools but below we share some

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AskMorris web platform vs Joomla, Drupal, etc.

QWhat's the difference between AskMorris' web platform and sites like Joomla, Drupal and others?

Those sites are examples of open source CMS (Content Management Systems). They have…

How to address unanticipated functionality requirements?

New Functionality Request - Arranging New Information in Chronological Order - is this possible?