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Are there any discounts on the cost of making a prototype?

QCan I get a discount on the cost of making a prototype?  


How to Avoid 'Design Hell'

QWhat are some No-No's when working with web designers?

We could write an essay or make our own infographic about it. But we feel the below graphical poster explains it all. It was created…

What is the Best Image Size to use for Websites

QWhat is the best size for images on a website?

Our chief concern, believe it or not, is resolution - and typically high resolution images have a higher disk usage/bandwidth cost (bigger…

Can AskMorris create mobile/tablet friendly websites?

QI am looking for somebody to design and host a website that can also be used on iPad and iPhone applications. Is this something you can do concerning programming, graphics and construction?


Why clients like AskMorris Work Process

QWhy do clients like the process AskMorris use to work with customers?


Why don’t we let our clients answer that:

AskMorris: You mentioned you like our process. Could…

Process of finding Great Web Developers

QWhat's a good process to use when vetting web developers?

Hiring good web developers really takes time. Below is a good process template to use:

1. Brief Overview of…

How to communicate with your Web Developer

QHow do I better communicate my needs to a website?


We often find it is very useful for clients to think in the following terms when you want to express your vision.


Six months hosting contract instead of a One year contract

QDoes AskMorris offer a six months contract instead of the usual one year hosting contract?


In order to be able to serve our customers properly we need to setup adequate…

Are Trademark Symbols necessary?

QDo we have to to use the ® symbol everywhere on our site for Trademarks?

It is always a good idea to practice copyright notice. We suggest your Trademark attorney provides you with the…

Webpage content disappearing or looking weird

QWhy did my content disappear or why does my web page suddenly look weird?

This happened because of editing the content page and saving it while using the TinyMCE editor, (WYSIWYG or What You See Is What…