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AskMorris Process when working with New Clients

QWhat is AskMorris' process when working with new clients?


In a nutshell, the following is our process in numbered form with the highlighted parts as some of the important steps:


Figuring out what the Website needs

How do I figure out what my company's website needs?


One way that could help you immensely, is to think in terms on what would you like the web site to help…

Hosting Plans and Pricing inquiries

QAre your hosting plans free?


No. It is not free, but hosting can be discounted when signing for a longer period of time. 

We understand

Making websites search engine friendly/SEO (Search Engine Optimization) basics

QCould you give me some tips on how to set my website on first page?


To make a website search engine friendly, you need to implement at least the basics of Search Engine…

What makes AskMorris stand out?

What makes AskMorris stand out from other web developer firms?


Basically, we stand out by making our projects successful. Below are the two points that help us make projects…

The ins and outs of getting a .cn domain

QDo we have to be a chinese registered co, is there anyway around that?


There is a huge controversy about the .cn domains right now and basically when in February of 2010, China…

Why do we charge more?

QWhy does AskMorris charge higher fees for its services?


Because we work hard for you! Here's a great article that can explain it better:
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AskMorris can help you find the problems

QHow can AskMorris help our company?


AskMorris help you find your problem and we find better solutions for it! What AskMorris does is we work hard with our clients to figure out and understand…

Hosting Account Suspended - What should I do?

QI have just found that our Website account has been suspended. What happened and how can I retrieve all the lost information?  


What is RSS? - AskMorris explains

QWhat exactly is RSS?

RSS was the new hot thing on the web a few years back. Websites that doesnt have a RSS feed might be considered to be outdated and not keeping up with…