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A conversation about finding the right web solution and using WIX, Part II

Q   What is more important? - the Web Technology we use or implementing a Web Strategy? 


A conversation about finding the right web solution and using WIX, Part I

Q   Should I use template based builders like WIX for my web site? 


Using Promotional Videos for my company

Q   What should one think of when making a Promo Video? 


A typical start of a new project

Q  As a client, what can I to do to help?

Below is a glimpse…

The Importance of a Production Process

Q Why does AskMorris spend so much time creating a process when working with clients?

The article below article from "Clients From Hell" explains really…

Why AskMorris doesn't work for free

QWhy can't AskMorris just work for free?

As much as we would want to, the concept of working for FREE or giving things away things for FREE is really not working out very well…

Fun things related to Web Development and Technology

QWhat are some fun things you have learnt working in this industry?

Working in this industry for over 10 years, the number one take-away, is probably that few people truly appreciate…

Great DNS Tools

QCan you recommend some good DNS tools?

A lookup  on Google will revela many tools but below we share some

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Hosting Account Suspended - What should I do?

QI have just found that our Website account has been suspended. What happened and how can I retrieve all the lost information?  


What is RSS? - AskMorris explains

QWhat exactly is RSS?

RSS was the new hot thing on the web a few years back. Websites that doesnt have a RSS feed might be considered to be outdated and not keeping up with…