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Reference Articles for AskMorris Customers

How wireframes work and why they help us work better with clients

QWhat are wireframes and how do they help save time? 

When we get to this phase in the design process, what we typically do is mock up each major section of the site concentrating…

Client sending another ‘interesting’ website to check out...

QHey guys what do you think of this practice to attract leads?

Joe Doe wrote: The instant you land on this site you get a pop up that offers you something to fact,…

Timeline for Quoting a customer

QI'm curious, before you put in too much time on this, at what point you might put a quote on this project?

Setup of AskMorris Payment Gateway (Dr.P)

QCan you help me fill in the form when applying for an account?

Yes, of course we can!


AskMorris’ Cutting-Edge Hosting Capabilities (All-New SolidFire SSD)

QWhat is different with AskMorris hosting compared to other hosting providers?

Below Press Release from early 2014 can probably answer that;

Helpful information about image uploading

QHow can we improve sloooow image uploading?

Jane Doe : It’s getting frustrating the image uploading is PAINFULLY slow... regardless of 2.1 MB or 172…

How we communicate with a new client to make sure we reach the same understanding

QHow would a typical sales conversation look like between AskMorris and a new client?

Normally we would like to check with clients in detail, about the method or marketing tools we will work on even though…

Providing a Dropbox solution instead of using the website

QDoes our website allow clients to create a private page?

If I want to upload a video file that only my client can see, by entering a password of some sort.


How does AskMorris code?

QDoes Askmorris think of the future when coding? 

Below conversation between Askmorris and a client answers this really well;

How to build a good relationship with Clients

QWhat can be done do to improve the Client-Vendor Relationship? 

In AskMorris, we have over 10 years experience to share. That…