So what’s your Tech?

We usually build with sticks & stones that we find in the forest on our daily walk to the office....
Or we use these wonderful tools & technologies below, that are developed and maintained by some incredibly bright people

Apple Logo


We design mainly using Apple products because Apples are Yummy! (besides, who really likes oranges?)


CentOS Logo


Our web servers rely on the robust CentOS for maximum performance and high efficiency

Secret Sauce Logo


AskMorris has 10 years of experience & tricks. We use this technical voodoo to bring the very B.E.S.T. solutions to our clients. ! ⊙﹏⊙ !

HTML5 Logo


It's used in all of our basic structures helping to deliver a solid online product

CSS3 Logo


We style using the latest in browser friendly technology 

jQuery Logo


It's our first choice for visuals, when we need to take things a little further.

MODx Logo


We use it as our default and favorite Development Framework, simple, easy and yet flexible to use!   

PHP Logo


One of our main server side languages, robust, powerful and still standing the test of time...

MySQL Logo


Helping us manage all of our information and finding things easily, (and yes, including our car keys ! ◕‿↼ ! )

Mainframe Prototyping Logo

Wireframe Prototyping

Is the insanely great method we use for designing interactive mockups quickly and easy

Keynote Logo

Keynote KungFu

Using this awesome approach we are able to create the very best visuals E.V.E.R, (with some help of our Digital Ninjas of course.)

cPanel Logo

cPanel Hosting Admin

Manage all the servers easily with this wonderful and easy-to-use tool!