Uploading Photos with Smartphone Snap™

What is that? 


Smartphone Snap™ is a technology that AskMorris has developed.

It allows you to to use any smartphone and/or digital camera to, with one-click, transfer images to a web site under your control. e.g. a company blog, a product web site, an events gallery, a shopping cart or a corporate web site 

What is it good for?
It is perfect for networking events, tourist sites, weddings, gatherings where many people have a smartphone and will take pictures anyway. Using Smartphone Snap will consolidate everybody's photos into one single online album controlled by you.

If you'd like to try it out, click the 'request a demo' and give us an email address that we will program into the system, temporarily giving you the ability to upload. The system needs less than 1 minute to upload, process and resize your photo.

And no worries, we do NOT give/sell out your email address to any third parties.

See a sample album & request a demo