How to deliver great Business Web Solutions in Asia!

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A lot goes into it

Below we explain the simple process of figuring out project specs, estimate times and quoting prices for our clients in Asia and around the world.

When estimating time and cost for projects one has to do due diligence and make sure everything is thought out thoroughly.



How to figure out project specs

Below is an easy-to-follow 10 step description of how we work with clients.
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1. Understanding Clients Needs

The first thing we will do is understand the client's needs. Yup, that is you!
There will probably be some back-and-forth communication before both sides have a clear understanding of the exact needs of a project and all the specs have been hashed out.

2. Fees

We have two fees:

  • a fixed price for our modular and incredibly flexible base platform
  • an hourly fee for any engineering, design and customization work on the base platform.
3. Customization

Most projects require individual customization work.
Usually, since every client and every business is different, we will spend time customizing the base platform to fit the individual client needs. (There just isn't one magic solution that fits all.)

4. Quote

We will quote based on how much time is required to customize the web platform according to the specs

5. Transparency

We make every effort to be transparent so clients always get an exact break down of;

  • ✓ what they are buying into,
  • ✓ what is included and
  • ✓ how much time each thing takes to build. 

Clients can opt-in or out of anything and certain tasks can always be done later.

We are always able to work in phases to save on cost. (Phase 1, Phase 2 etc.) 

6. Payments

An initial payment is expected before work begins and the rest is paid over time using a pre-agreed on schedule with deliverables and milestones to indicate when a payment is due.

See slideshow below that explains payments & responsibilities in more detail.

7. Signing Quotation/Contract

Once the quotation is signed AskMorris will provide the client with a project timeline and clear milestones

8. Project Starts

AskMorris will now start to allocate resources to the project. [E.g. we need to check schedules of staff and pick programmers, designers and engineers that will be required for this particular project]

[See a real Project time line and learn how milestones make things very clear]

Work will begin once the first payment has been provided to AskMorris.

9. Project Management

During the whole project the AskMorris contact window will work closely with the client, Clients will also receive regular email updates as work moves forward.

Click here to see an example of a project email

10. Project Ends

On the agreed deadline, and once the development phase has been completed, AskMorris will deliver the finished platform,  (based on the specs), to client. At this time the final payment is expected as it is tied to the deadline.

Click here to understand timelines more


After platform has been delivered AskMorris provides 90 DAYS warranty & debugging period at no extra charge! (This is counted from the delivery date)

We stand by our platforms!


How does AskMorris complete tasks and how are payments handled?

Watch this 30 second slideshow to understand more 

Understanding Timelines

In a vendor / client relationship, there are actually TWO timelines;

1 - A timeline of milestones to achieve things (done by AskMorris)

2 - A timeline to make payments (done by Client)
They are usually the same but not always.

Every web project has tasks that need to get done...
We know what to do by following the project schedule...
Client knows when to expect tasks to be completed and only
pays, once milestones are achieved in the project schedule.
AskMorris knows when to expect payment by looking at the
milestones in the project schedule...
Milestone NOT based on date
Estimated dates ARE provided to the client at the beginning of the project
But sometimes client hasn't provided information/elements needed to reach milestone. In such a case, payment is STILL expected
On rare occasions, due to project complications, the milestone is not completely achieved yet.  In such a case, the client is 
not expected to make a payment UNTIL the milestone has been achieved, EVEN if it's after the estimated payment day
OFTEN AskMorris delivers before the estimated date, in such a case, payment IS expected.
This is due to milestones not being based on a date...


AskMorris firmly believes in working as partners with our customers, making everything completely transparent and staying solutions oriented. Experience has shown us that this approach works. See what our clients have to say about us.

For minor projects, changes to existing systems/platforms or smaller work requests we have a well proven work process.  
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Sometimes, bundling a bunch of requests and/or feature updates can save cost
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To see the promotional Easy-Web Package that might fit the bill for smaller companies, 
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