Why work with a Business Process Management Provider in Asia like AskMorris?

Because we are exceptionally good at figuring out the best web solution for a business process and how to manage / automate it to the fullest.  We are great at what we do and we have the design experience and client portfolio to prove it. 

What's the benefit of working with AskMorris?

Besides getting a hard working value-oriented team you also receive the following benefits:

Solving puzzles together…
  • ✔ A team with over TEN years experience in the Business Process  Management field
  • ✔ A team that will help you define your needs
  • ✔ A team that builds business web platforms with eMarketing in mind from the beginning!
  • ✔ Great designs, Smart solutions & Quick response time
  • Complete transparency. Clear quotations showing an exact break down of what you are buying into, what  is included and how much time each thing takes to build
  • Being assured that there are no hidden costs that will creep out later.
  • Knowing that AskMorris takes full responsibility for quotes. We provide a 'Scope Of Work' file together with each quote. That file shows what the quote covers. If we didn't cover each functionality on that file properly or misunderstood something, then it is our responsibility to correct it at NO extra charge to the customer.
  • ✔ A team that conducts business firm but fairly, and is always aiming to create  good value for all parties.
  • ✔ The code produced belongs to you and the rights of all parties, are protected at all times
  • ✔ Knowing that you are working with a team that is trusted by several multi-nationals and global brand names  
  • ✔ A team that can provide Business Process, Marketing and Sales oriented implementations.
  • ✔ Effective process implementation and execution of business deliverables - See how we work with project timelines  
  • ✔ A team that understands current realities and works with Goal Focused Planning